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Tammy Worcester's Site

Digitizing Math Metacognition - excellent session! gives some ways to use ipads for RTI instruction in math
Free Prezi!

Some Sessions I Attended
Tammy also showed us how to cite sources for pictures, facts, quotes, and highlighted words in Google Docs. See the document below for more info: study of using apps with early childhood digital and media literacy copyright and fair Renee Hobbs alan november edutecher's presentation one of the web tools from edutecher... sign up, then email; in the message put "please upgrade my account with code ISTE2012" to receive a free upgrade

Books I'm Interested In

Eportfolios 1st grade good resource

Reading and Writing Workshop compare and contrast anything american folklore; excellent database


Screenchomp tutorials for the free screencasting app

Digital Passport

Video Conferencing/Global Communication and Collaboration

Common Core Resources Online thousands of common core lessons with video tutorials and online practice crosswalk of Ohio standards and CC a common core blog

Create Animations

Keyboarding recommended for young children looks good! keyboarding for kindergarten

Tons of Resources Here***

Google Treks Tutorial for Teachers

Google Earth Across the Curriculum!home great tools for student presentations!!!

Student Research
Great Websites for Kids

Free Graphics and Videos
Creative Commons Search - Search many sites at once *Our Favorite! – Free images from photographers around the world – One free photo per day – Huge resource for avatars or small images
Flickr Advanced Search – Use advanced search filters to show only CC licensed images
Morguefile – Free stock photos (Thanks Sue Lyon-Jones for link in comments!)
Open Clipart Libary – Public domain clipart (Thanks Sue Lyon-Jones for link in comments!)
YouTube, Vimeo, WatchKnowLearn


Paper Turned Digital in the Primary Classroom

Movie Making Resources

Front Loading Tutorials Created By Teachers and Students (Flipped Classroom Resources)

Creating Tutorials

Other google spreadsheet shortcut keys
Intel Thinking Tools reader's and writer's workshop goes digital excellent set of tests for extra practice in all subject areas critical thinking about media for girls
Free quizlet for a year
easy whiteboard
3x3 Links - a visual startpage creator
Searchy Pants - a custom search engine builder
Google Stories - Digital Storytelling through a Google search
ScreenToaster - make free video screencasts
ZooBurst - create augmented reality books with your students
My StoryMaker
Tag Galaxy

Our Teacher Sites!home/mainPage

Apps for elementary grades assessment apps and tips

Apps for grades K-2

App to Download:
1. Bluster by CTB McGraw: Free
2. Splash Math Grades 1-4: Free
3. Garfield Online Safety: Free
4. PhotoBooth: already part of the iPad
5. iDiary: Free
6. Toy Story: Free
7. Cinepuzzle: Free
8. National Geo Today
9. iBooks: Free

Technology Curriculum Examples and More excellent plans!!!

Internet Safety and Ethics
C3 Digital Literacy Skills
Faux Paw
Google Digital Literacy
Copyright Mystery
NetSafe Utah[[@[]=1820]]

Grant Opportunities Good one for using the garden on campus...
the curriculum that must be used in the grant above

Online Games (Flash)
basic fraction tutorial


Blogging great for showing video clips and pictures; notice in the right hand corner you can go to the English and Math site too science videos for primary students
blogging challenge
List of Class Blogs

Art Online

Virtual Fieldtrips national park tours
Port of Baltimore
Erie Canal
Historic Philadelphia
Virtual Field Trips Organized by US Regions

Other Interactives
Pueblo People
Alaska Artifacts
Become a Civil War Soldier
Tree Rings
Thomas Edison
George Washington's Secret Codes
Abraham Lincoln Timeline
Abraham Lincoln
Photo Exploration use to introduce students to photos as primary resources
1812 War Ship
Presidents match childhood picture with the correct president
Protect the Harbor
Acadians in Canada 1755
Native American Petroglyphs and Pictographs
National Park Service Uniforms
Paul Revere
Go Whaling in the 1850s
Famous American Quotes
Compare Wupatki people life to today
Young Abraham Lincoln
Young George Washington
Sizing Up the Universe
Hear from Real Scientists
The First Thanksgiving
Investigating the First Thanksgiving

National Park Photos and Multimedia
Primary Source Sets

Mystery Skype

Project Based Learning great resource!!!